3 Signs Of Bad Guitar Teaching To Look Out For

You already know that it is crucial to work with a guitar teacher to become a better guitarist fast. However, when you work together with a poor (or even average) guitar teacher, you improve your playing at a slower pace, develop bad habits and have less motivation to get better. This makes it extremely important to find a great guitar teacher who understands how to help you reach your musical goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

One way to ensure that you work with a great teacher is to understand several key guitar teaching mistakes that poor teachers make. Read below to learn 3 of these mistakes:

1. They’re not showing you how to integrate your skills

A lot of guitar teachers teach their students new ideas and concepts by showing them how to practice each one in isolation. This helps to a certain extent when it comes to learning the basic movements of a certain technique. However, learning in isolation should not be the only way one learns to play guitar. When a student learns/practices new things in total isolation from everything else he knows, he begins to develop holes in his overall guitar playing. For example, if you only learn how to play lead guitar techniques in isolation from everything else, it is a struggle to put everything together and actually play a guitar solo or improvise. This leaves you with a lot of frustration because you feel like a total beginner in one area of your playing (soloing) despite having some level of mastery in others (technique).

A great guitar teacher, shows you how to integrate your skills together as you learn new things. This prevents your playing from becoming unbalanced and eliminates the frustration that comes with it.

2. They use the same teaching approach for everyone

Guitar teachers who don’t have much experience usually teach everyone as if they are the same. For example, they teach out of general books, or use the exact same teaching approaches regardless of a student’s unique needs or goals. The best guitar teachers use a goal-oriented approach to teaching and help their students based on their specific problems, skill level, learning style and musical interests. This is not only more effective, but it is more motivating for the student.

3. They give you too many things to practice and don’t show you HOW to practice

Another big teaching mistake is assigning way too many new things for a student to practice. Teachers often do this because they falsely think they must be teaching something new every lesson in order to “be a good teacher”. This approach is counter-productive and actually overwhelms the student… causing them to become frustrated and quit. The best teachers help their students learn how to integrate their skills together with things they already know. This helps them become better faster and keeps them from feeling overwhelmed.

Additionally, guitar teachers do not show their students HOW to practice what they teach. It’s crucial that your guitar teacher not only teaches you what to practice on guitar, but helps you understand (during the lesson) how to practice it. This guarantees that you will practice correctly at home and get the best results. When you work with a good teacher, he helps you
develop an effective guitar practice schedule, and shows you how to practice correctly during lessons… the difference in progress that you make with a teacher like this compared to your average teacher is astounding!