This Guitar Practice Method Speeds Up Your Musical Progress
By Mike Philippov

Effective guitar practice is about solving your musical challenges and developing skills that make you a great musician.
You need effective guitar practice methods that help you identify the causes of your guitar playing challenges and refine your guitar playing fundamentals in the process.
Focus rotation is an effective guitar practice technique that helps you get faster results from your guitar practice. You are able to monitor all aspects of your guitar playing in a short amount of time without becoming overwhelmed.
How To Use Focus Rotation During Your Guitar Practice:
Repeat the item you are practicing over and over at 80% of your maximum speed. As your hands repeat the notes, rotate your mental focus from one element of guitar playing to another. Examples of guitar playing elements to focus on include:

  • Picking hand biomechanics (the way you hold the pick and the way you pick the notes).
  • Fretting hand biomechanics (the way your fingers apply pressure to the strings).
  • The amount of tension in your body (especially parts of the body that aren’t used to play guitar).
  • Cleanliness of your playing (your ability to mute sloppy noise from the strings that are not being played, as well as any buzzing, squeaking or ringing noises from the notes you are trying to play).
  • Phrasing (how expressively the notes are played).
  • Timing (your ability to play exactly on the beat).
  • Palm muting control (if applicable).
  • 2-hand synchronization (the ability of your hands to pick and fret every note at the exact same time).
  • Picking hand articulation (or articulation of hammer ons and pull offs).
Focus on each of the above elements one at a time. Listen, watch and feel carefully how well the guitar playing element is being executed. Repeat the exercise until you are certain the element is done correctly. Then rotate your focus to the next guitar playing element and repeat the process.
Continue repeating the exercise over and over, rotating through all the elements in your list for at least 10-15 minutes.
Tip: Determine in advance how long you intend to focus on each element before rotating your focus. The length of time can be measured either in number of minutes or seconds or in the number of repetitions. This is up to you to decide.
Don’t worry if you haven't fully refined each element when it’s time to rotate focus to the next area of guitar playing. You will have many opportunities to refine it again after you rotate focus through the rest of the points on your focus rotation list.
Focus rotation practice requires the highest level of concentration and mental effort. Expect for your brain to become fatigued after some minutes. You get the most from this practice approach when you practice with focus rotation at the beginning of your guitar practice routine (when your brain is most alert).
Use this guitar practice method to identify causes of sloppy guitar playing and fix them. This helps you make faster progress and enjoy the process of reaching your musical goals.
About the author: Mike Philippov is a guitar teacher and guitar practice trainer. He helps guitarists all over the world learn how to practice guitar effectively. Learn the right way to practice chords on guitar.